Sunday, April 4, 2010

Book Talk - Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah Wiles

Inspired by a number of people, I'm trying something a little different. To add a little more excitement to my blog, I'm testing out short video book recommendations. I plan to post several of these and get some feedback before deciding if it will be permanent feature.

In gathering the information on the editors and agents for the SCBWI conference, I ran into some difficulty in finding which books they had edited. Though it is becoming more and more common for authors to mention editors and agents on the acknowledgments page, that information is still sometimes scarce on the web. To help alleviate that, I plan to list all relevant information I can about each book along with its recommendation.

Here's the scoop on Each Little Bird That Sings.
Deborah Wiles has a website and a blog with a great recent entry on her writing process.
Her agent is Steven Malk at Writer's House
Liz Van Doren edited the book.
And last, but certainly not least, Deborah Wiles is an alum of the Writing for Children and Young Adults program at Vermont College.


Anonymous said...

I love the video review! One thing I might suggest is changing the angle of your camera so that you're not "looking down on us." Just a thought. I like that you're putting all the editor/agent info for the book online, too.

Gayleen said...

Yeah, the camera angle is not good. Thought about erasing it, but in a few weeks when I've figured out what I'm doing, I plan to have a post with tips on the things I've learned and I can point back to those mistakes...