Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No Book Review Today

I have to give credit to Carrie Jones for blogging about the potential impact US bloggers might have on the situation in Iran.

In Iran, many people are using blogs, Twitter and Facebook to communicate their dissatisfaction about the recent elections. If you don't know about that, open up just about any news site, like MSNBC and you'll find plenty of articles about it.

But, back to the potential impact of US bloggers. The Iranian government has set out to censor the protest blogs in Iran. And how do they find those blogs among the gazillion in cyberspace? I'm told they do a search and check the time zone setting for the site.

So, until further notice Playing With Words, along with lots of other kidlit blogs is now set for GMT + 4.30 - Tehran time.

Also in solidarity with the Mousavi campaign, I've turned my avatar green as suggested by Faeirie Drink Review site.

And finally, I want to say Thanks to those dozen or so folks I saw holding "FREE IRAN" signs this afternoon when I left the State Capitol Builing in OKC. It takes alot of guts and stamina to stand out on Lincoln Blvd in the heat with the aim of moving Okies to action. You Rock! (and it worked on at least one person)