Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break Writing Pact

What could be more young adult (or middle grade) than making a pact?
Call it what you like - a dare, a bet, a promise. A challenge, even. I hope to call it motivating.
My longtime friend and writing buddy, Steve Wedel has accepted my invitation to participate in an all-out writing week. We'll be plotting, developing characters and pounding the keyboards all week on the way to meeting our respective goals.
I'm focusing on adding emotional depth to a manuscript that is already complete as far as plot goes. Steve is trudging through that soggy middle that plagues so many writers.
Will we triumph?
Check back later in the week for updates.

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Talewright said...

Spring Breaks -- any break from the (loving)drudgery of teaching and school -- are like a pilgrimage to a sacred shrine.

Once there, questions are begged: What do I do? Am I worth to do it? Can I do it?

I take up your challenge as well.

I started by cleaning my writing room.

Now, I'm cleaning and polishing a short story and working feverishly on my YA.